An Overall Introduction to the Fine Arts School of Shandong University

Fine Arts School of Shandong University was founded in 1930s. Since its foundation, Fine Arts School has witnessed its glorious history, has rendered enormous excellent talented people, including many influential learners and artists in both homeland and overseas. Zhang Daoyi, Cao Peng , Zhao Huanzhang, Zhong Xinghuo , Li Zi and so on have all sought knowledge here persistently. During the seventy years, with several times' separation and reunion, the disciplines of Fine Arts School of Shandong University have developed constantly. Our country conducted an adjustment of schools and disciplines in 1950s, Fine Arts School of Shandong University provided many core members to work together to establish Shanghai Theatre Academy China and Nanjing Arts Institute. Shandong University resumed the establishment of School of Arts in 1994. In 2001, the new Shandong University was founded. It later set up Fine Arts School of Shandong University and enrolled new students at the same year.   

Now musicology and fine art study of Fine Arts School of Shandong University enroll undergraduate students; four sectors, including musicology, artistry, design artistry and fine art study enroll postgraduate students; art and aesthetics, aesthetics and antiquities, folk artistry enroll Ph.D. Students.   

The characteristics of Art school: the school will fully develop the advantages of comprehensive university complete disciplines and the excellent study circumstances. According to the principles of emphasizing fundamental ability and enhancing the development of ability and quality of students, school will encourage students to study other cross-discipline subjects or some subjects of other disciplines in order to enhance the students' scientific and culture qualities, besides strengthening the teaching of techniques and theories. The school works hard to educate its students to be full of cultural qualities, to be advanced comprehensive art talents with outstanding characteristics of theory study and art practices. And it will provide opportunities for the examination for postgraduate students and future employment.